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The online text editor useful in instant text editing. You can edit your text and add styles and various formatting in this way, it’s easy and useful tool that work online you not need to install any software. With the help of Text Editor you can change font style, insert various special symbols and character, add tables and give hyperlink too. Here are options for setting up test align and text color, back ground color etc. You can take print and also save on your system for use it later. You can save your text in notepad file or in MS Word format also. You can copy the text and paste anywhere. Here are options to give headings and can view a preview also. Text editor provides facilities of change text size and insert tables for give it a beautiful look and design. Editor helps in create documents faster and free. You can edit your text on the go. Without download and install any software. This online Text editor is free and online gives you power to edit your text. Empowers your document with professional and beautiful formatting. Gives a good impression to viewer. It’s your Online pad you can use anywhere, anytime. It’s free and fast tool. It also have inbuilt spellchecker facility so you can check for minor errors in your document. The Online Notepad has find & replace facility and text or background color can be set.

Here with this online text editor you can draft or edit text in all languages. Text editing in languages including English, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Bangla, Tamil, Odia, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Gujarati.
Online text editor has many text editing features listed below:

Online text editor has many text editing features listed below:

  1. Font Styling - This online text editor has font styling options like Bold, Italic, Underline and Strikethrough. You can add appropriate font styling to highlight important lines and words in your text documents.
  2. Text Align - You can set align of text like Left, Right, Center and Justify. As per your need to make a cleaner look of the document you are drafting.
  3. Text Editing - You can increase or decrease font size of text. Make 6 types of Heading hierarchy, Will useful in making Headings and various inherent sub heading too. 6 level Headings are possible with this text editor.
  4. Font Family - You can change font family of text. Changing font family to make your document more readable. You can choose various font family for sub section of your text.
  5. Cut, copy & paste - The must needed tool for editing anything.
  6. Find and Replace - If you drafted lots of text of your documents and feel to change a word that is used too many times. You can do this by using Find and Replace option. It will find the word and replace it new one. This will possible in one click will save your lots of time, while editing a document.
  7. Numbering - You can add auto numbering in various standard format. Like - Default, Lower Alpha, lower Greek, lower roman, upper alpha, upper roman etc.
  8. Bullets - Various shape of bullets you can use while drafting a document like - Default, circle, disk, square bullets listing.
  9. Set indent - You can increase or decrease indent as per your need.
  10. Blockquote - You can quote some text using this blockquote option.
  11. Undo & Redo - You can use Undo option to remove your last actions in sequence and redo also to apply them again. This tool saves lots of time during drafting any document.
  12. Link - The online text editor facilitate linking also. Adding links for external sources or providing references make your document more user friendly.
  13. Date & Time - You can add a time stamp in your text with a click on Date & Time option. Various kind of formats are available for date and time.
  14. Preview - You can see preview of your text in a new window.
  15. Text Color - Here you can set any color of the text as per your need. When you click on Text Color option a window will open you all kind of shades to choose from.
  16. Background color - You can set a background color also for your text. Various color options are available to choose from.
  17. Tables - You can add tables in your documents, you can make tables with desired rows and columns. Make various kind of formatting in tables too.
  18. Horizontal line - This option will make a Horizontal line in document.
  19. Clear Formatting - You can clear formatting with one click on the icon.
  20. Sub script - While editing a document you can use sub script icon too.
  21. Super Script - Super script are used to make power notation in math's and also used for various kind of notes and reverences.
  22. Special Character - You can add various kind of special character in your text. Just click on Special character icon on the editor and you will find a list of common characters used in editing.
  23. Emoticons - Various kind of smileys and emotions can be added in documents to express yourself.
  24. Print - You can print your drafted text or document with Print icon from editor. It will open a print dialog box.
  25. Displaying total words, total characters and character without space also shown simultaneously.
  26. Download as Text - After finishing of your text editing you can download it in your system for future use. You can save in text format with this option.
  27. Download as Document - You can download your edited text directly in MS Word document format.