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The online Text to speech converter useful in instant text reading. The Hindi speech-to-text can read your text, it’s easy and useful tool that work online you not need to install any software. With the help of Hindi text reader you can sit on chair comfertably and plug your earphone the rest of thing done by tool. Just click on start button and hear each and every word clearly into your ears. You can read your text on the go, without download and install any software. This online Text to Voice converter is an effective solution for reduce screen time.

How to use Hindi Text to Speech Converter:

  1. Just paste or type the Hindi text and select the voice of your choice from the dropdown box above.
  2. For Hindi text you should select a Hindi voice type and for English you should select English voice types availed in dropdown box.
  3. Make sure you have plugin your headset or earphone properly.
  4. Now click on "Start" button above to listen text. The speech to text tool will read whole text for you.
  5. You can use various control like pause, resume and cansel etc. to control the speech to text tool.